February 14, 2015

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Zoloft

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in women of fertile age today. According to some stats between 10 and 20% of women are suffering from some form of this syndrome. This is especially true for women in Latin America where many non-profit organizations are investing in education and help women fight this disorder.

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown although many studies suggest that this syndrome is hereditary. It is good to point out that this syndrome is more present in women that are suffering from obesity or have extra weight. By practicing a special pcos diet that doesn’t contain many carbohydrates and by using some supplements women can treat this disorder easily. In order to find more about pcos diet you should visit this link http://detoxscientific.com/pcos-diet.

Although some studies were trying to link PCOS with taking Zoloft, there is no evidence that these two are somehow connected. Only 0.02% of women who were using Zoloft have developed PCOS and it is still not confirmed if this is a direct result of this activity. However, Zoloft may affect this disorder indirectly. Zoloft weight gain, http://detoxscientific.com/zoloft-weight-gain, side effects are quite common in women that use this antidepressant and this means that after a prolonged use of Zoloft pills, they can become obese or gain enough weight that can cause complications including development of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

That’s why it’s a good idea to learn more about Zoloft and PCOS in general in order to take action from the moment you notice the first symptoms.

February 11, 2015

Intrauterine devices – A short guide

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Intrauterine devices (IUD) are a method used for protection from unwanted pregnancy by placing a solid item inside the uterus. This is a really efficient method of contraception and the device lasts for about 3 to 5 years. The first intrauterine device based on silkworm was designed in the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Richter. However frequent complications like iud bleeding, http://detoxscientific.com/mirena-bleeding/, and infections have extinguished the interest in this device.  However, in the next decades thanks to the advance in technology these devices were improved and the production of devices made of polyethylene with or without add-ons made of zinc, copper, gold and silver has continued.

The intrauterine device is placed inside the uterus where it acts in a biological way – as a foreign object it causes inflammatory reaction in the uterine lining with infiltration of macrophages and leukocytes. Ultimately, the uterus becomes an unfavorable environment for sperm and implantation of eggs that are fertilized. Contraindications of intrauterine devices include – unexplainable bleeding from the uterus, chronic uterus infections, promiscuity, iud weight gain,http://detoxscientific.com/mirena-weight-gain/, sharp pelvic pain, abnormal PAPA test etc. Situations in which women need to remove IUD because of serious complications are very rare. More serious complications that are worth mentioning include – tubo-ovarian abscess, peritonitis and uterine perforation.

This method of contraception is getting quite popular around the world and especially in Latin America where women don’t want to go through the process of abortion. There are many non-profit organizations there that help women to get these devices.

November 6, 2014


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There are many people who think that they can’t make any difference about the things that are happening around the world. This observation is partially true because people cannot stop the natural disasters for example but they can surely help the people that are suffering from these disasters. There are thousands of people in Africa living in poverty. They don’t have enough food, drinking water or access to electricity. They also lack access to medical facilities. Hundreds of young children in Africa are dying each year because of that. On top of that, we are witnessing some vicious diseases that are affecting most of the African continent. These diseases would certainly not exist if people living in Africa would have access to the things we have mentioned before. Although this situation looks like something that is out of control the truth is that we can help in many ways!

One of these ways in which we can help is by purchasing products from manufacturers that allocate parts of their profit to fight poverty in rural Africa. Deedclothing is one of these brands that are getting really popular in the past few months. They are working together with Comfort Trust (humanitarian organization) in order to help the children and adults in Africa.

This brand is focused on producing high quality and fashionable clothing. By buying any product from deed clothing you are making a direct donation for the people in need in Africa. This is a nice idea which is obviously getting quite popular.

April 22, 2014

Online HIV and STD Testing Resource

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Unfortunately, the stigma attached to HIV has not drastically subsided in recent years. This has only worked as a mechanism to discourage consumers from visiting a walk in clinic and getting tested for the disease.  Many people are aware that this immune deficiency is devastating to both the victims and their families. However, testing positive for HIV is far from the death sentence people make it out to be.

Before we share the story of our nonprofit organization it is important to familiarize oneself with the HIV disease itself. After all, there are many misconceptions surrounding the number one sexually transmitted killer in the world. Humans exclusively transmit the HIV virus. As such, it is typically transmitted through one of the countless bodily fluids. Specifically, infection occurs through the contact of two individual’s bodily fluids. This is included but not limited to blood, saliva, vaginal liquids semen, or even breast milk. However, there is a large discrepancy between which form of contact tends to carry the highest risk of HIV infection. Unarguably, one of the riskiest ways of potentially spreading or contracting the illness is engaging in sexual intercourse without using proper protection. As a rule of thumb, a man should ensure that he wears a condom. While breakage has been reported,  the risk is extremely low and can be avoided if he applies the device properly and opts for the proper size.

There is no shortage of “no brainer” tips to help avoid contracting HIV. However, anyone who is addicted or who has a history of substance abuse is still at high risk of making these deadly mistakes. One of the largest practices that has lead to the spread of HIV is the sharing of needles with an individual who is infected wih the disease.  It should be noted that any needle you receive is not only a sterile instrument but is also disposed of immediately after use.  Needles and syringes shouldn’t be recycled. This only further emphasizes the importance of ensuring that you only visit state licensed medical facilities.

Fortunately, the disease is usually feasible to treat with medication provided that it is detected in its early stages of development. The HIV battlefield is very vast indeed. It encompasses everything from the doctors offices, research institutions, hospitals, and residences of the victims’ families.  However, many people forget that some of the biggest battles are being fought on the internet. By educating the public about this disease, we can act the best form of geTestehiv is Brazil’s premier online resource for HIV testing.

While we can’t reverse the stigma associated with HIV and STDS, we are humbled to be able to offer discreet and convenient solution for men, women, and families around the world. Our online tests can be completed within the privacy of an individual’s residence. Visit teste de VIH to access a comprehensive database of HIV content pertaining to HIV and STD prevention and treatment in Brazil. With this incredible online resource, there is no reason why you can’t take action and overcome the stigmas attached to these sexually transmitted diseases.

While many people will use WW3 metaphorically, the war against HIV is truly a worldwide struggle. Unfortunately, Mexico is a major hub of this internationally pandemic. As such, we felt it was vital to provide a comprehensive online resource to help anyone involved in the fight against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Prueba VIH is widely regarded as a non profit crusader in the battle against HIV. We are humbled to be able to help people from a variety of generations, ethnic backgrounds, occupations, and socio-economic circumstances.

Regardless of whether or not you are living with the condition or know someone who is struggling with seeking help, testehiv is an eye opening resource for any concerned Mexican citizen. After all, the health and safety of future generations depends on our ability to work together and ensure that everyone is entitled to the basic human right of free health care. While the mission statement of our team is to deliver a dependable online solution to fight the spread of HIV, we also offer a comprehensive selection of proven and affordable solutions designed to treat a host of other sexually transmitted diseases.

When people think of HIV, they tend to assume that it contains a plethora of physical exams, blood tests, physicals and an endless waiting period for lab results. In contrast, it’s quite easy to get a rough idea of whether or not you have been infected with the disease.

April 8, 2014

Herpes Increases the Risk of Getting HIV

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Unfortunately, Herpes remains one of the most overlooked diseases. This is why educating the public on herpes remains a serious public health concern. In this article, we will be discussing potential herpes triggers.

Abstinence is the ultimate preventive measure against contracting herpes. After all it is classified as a sexually transmitted disease (STD for short)

It should come as no surprise that as one of the most prevalent STDs, Herpes is widely misunderstood. This includes the classifications for the disease itself. HSV type 1 is used to classify any herpes infection that was caused by oral contact. This could include any contact from kissing to accidentally rubbing another individual’s cold sores. Indeed, those who are not in relationships or sexually active are not omitted from the potentially getting infected. This only furthers the importance of educating the public about the herpes virus.

Unlike HSV 1, HDV type 2 is almost exclusively transmitted through sexual activity. The ultimate symptoms of HSV 2 are wart-like lesions in the genital area. As such, it should come as no surprise that this disease is more commonly referred to as genital herpes. It’s important to note that unprotected vaginal sex is not the sole transmission vernacular of HSV 2. Anal and oral sex are equally as suspect for the spread of this nasty virus.  Both HSV and HSV2 generate vicious cycles of painful blisters by binding to the body’s spinal nerves. This only strengthens the argument for each romantic partner to get tested for the herpes virus before they engage in any sexual activity.

March 25, 2014

An HIV Positive Diagnosis Doesn’t Mean Your Dating Life Is Over Love Is What Makes The World Go Round, And Love Is What Makes Life Worth Living!

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A normal reaction HIV positive singles have after diagnosis, is that their dating life is over. The thought of having to disclose their diagnosis is regularly overwhelming, leaving a lot of HIV positive singles giving up on both dating and love altogether—but it doesn’t have to be that way. In an effort to create a community for friendship, dating, and love the developers at http://www.HIVdating4u.com have created a HIV dating website for straight and gay singles from almost every country in the world.

“Being HIV and single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. In fact, the more love and companionship you have in your life—the happier and more fulfilling it will be.” HIVDating4u.com Representative.

In the last few decades the life expectancy for those with early HIV diagnosis, and regular antiviral treatment has improved from less than 15 years, to up to 50+ years. This means that life is not over for those that are HIV and single. Not only has life expectancy significantly increased, but the onset of full-blown AIDS in most diagnosed is delayed too.

“We strive to be ‘the place to be for HIV positive singles.’ While safety must still be top of mind when dating other HIV positive singles, the knowledge-base and understanding when dating other HIV and single individuals is beyond compare.” HIVDating4u.com Representative.

An active social and dating life is a healthy and joyful part of life. If you are HIV and single and are looking for friendship with other positive singles, or looking to date and find love—you can visit the HIV dating site HIVdating4u.com. The site welcomes gay and straight HIV positive singles from around the world of all cultures, races, and religions who are looking for friendship and love.

January 29, 2014

How to prevent the spread of AIDS

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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS, is a condition that’s brought about when a person gets an HIV infection (the Human Immunodeficiency Virus).  This terrible disease, which is spread in various ways, first emerged in 1981 and since that time it has claimed the lives of countless people and devastated third-world countries. Health advice should be requested by patients suffering from AIDS.  Naturally, a number of organizations have sprung up to combat the spread of the illness, with the main goal in most cases being to raise money for treatments, research and of course, education.   

AIDS is spread mainly through sexual contact, specifically via bodily fluids.  In other words, no specific type of sex is safe when you’re talking about his virus as it can be found in the blood, sexual fluids etc. as well as easily transmitted via any form of penetrative / oral sex.

So, how does the virus spread?  Typically speaking, people who have unprotected sex with many anonymous partners are a prime target for contracting AIDS.  However, drug users who inject and share needles are also at risk as well.  Additionally, mothers can transmit the virus to their babies either before birth / during, or through breast milk. Because AIDS has an incredibly long incubation period, an infected person will often have HIV for quite a long time before they notice anything’s changed.  In all actuality, it’s not the virus itself that kills an individual, but rather its ability to shut down the immune system, thereby allowing seemingly harmless infections and ailments to run rampant, unchecked.  This occurs because of a drop in the body’s production of white blood cells, which act as a guard against all forms of disease.

How can we prevent the spread of AIDS?  Many want to know how to cure AIDS (there isn’t currently a cure), but what about prevention?  The most obvious and simple solution would be to simply fund and create an effective vaccine, but to date no such breakthrough has been revealed.  Given this, the best course of action is to avoid contracting the illness at all costs.  First off, you should always use protection when engaging in sexual activities (a condom), and limiting yourself to one partner is also perhaps the best course of action.  Likewise, knowing more about your sexual partner’s medical history is also merited, and you must be sure that they’re also not promiscuous.

As far as a mother transmitting the disease to their baby is concerned – all women should take extra precautions to ensure that they don’t bring an infected child into this world.  Not only is it extremely irresponsible to do this, it’s also very cruel, as the child will be subjected to a rather short life filled with many terrible, scary and threatening experiences.  Moreover, it should go without saying that any woman who suspects that she might be infected with HIV should definitely avoid nursing any child.

Aside from being more sexually responsible, an intelligent person should also completely avoid “the drug scene” as well, which is known to be a proving ground for infected individuals.  If you are personally interested in helping in the fight against AIDS, then you might want to consider donating money and/or participating in AIDS education.

September 2, 2013

Learning Spanish For Free Is Possible

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Learning Spanish For Free Is Possible

There are many of us that want or sometimes need to learn a new language for academic or business related reasons. It is with this need or desire to learn that drives us to look for methods of learning a language like Spanish. Usually in order to learn the language means that you have to enroll in classes or private tutoring or even by using language software, the only problem is that all of these methods cost an extensive amount of money. So if we need help with learning a language, is there a way to learn for free? Yes there is and it is based online at http://www.veintemundos.com/en/ . If we look at the website it becomes apparent that the individuals behind the program want to give you a well rounded education on the culture and differences in Latin American culture and as a result you can comprehend the information and language far more easily. The subscription is free and so there truly is nothing to lose. By using several different methods working in conjunction you are able to get the information nearly implanted in your memory. As many individuals learn differently from each other it is important for language based software to include many different facets of learning in order to reach all of the different types of learning abilities.

Based on five main learning stages we see that there are focuses on audio based learning, vocabulary, expressions, grammar, and overall comprehension. As a result you get a full top to bottom education on all the language and how it differs from country to country. You will soon notice that you will be able to look at items and know them in Spanish. Then if you practice working with basic words and then sentence fragments you will soon be able to start conversations with fluent individuals. Looking at past and present users of the program seems to have no complaints and positive words about the website http://www.veintemundos.com/en/ .

With your free subscription you will receive updated editions as soon as they come out. This can help keep you up to date with any changes as well as being a reminder that you need to practice your Spanish. With your education continuing and if you work to practice and comprehend then you will soon be on your way to comprehending the language better than ever and at no cost to you. With the popularity of Spanish throughout the world as well as many other Latin based languages means that you will certainly be putting your skills to use. Then you will be glad you made the decision to subscribe as you won’t be out any money to begin with. So get started today by subscribing at the website listed in this article and you will soon be speaking Spanish like a native.

August 31, 2013

Learning Spanish For Free Is Possible

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Learning Spanish For Free Is Possible

There are many of us that want or sometimes need to learn a new language for academic or business related reasons. It is with this need or desire to learn that drives us to look for methods of learning a language like Spanish. Usually in order to learn the language means that you have to enroll in classes or private tutoring or even by using language software, the only problem is that all of these methods cost an extensive amount of money. So if we need help with learning a language, is there a way to learn for free? Yes there is and it is based online at http://www.veintemundos.com/en/ . If we look at the website it becomes apparent that the individuals behind the program want to give you a well rounded education on the culture and differences in Latin American culture and as a result you can comprehend the information and language far more easily. The subscription is free and so there truly is nothing to lose. So get started today by subscribing at the website listed in this article and you will soon be speaking Spanish like a native.

August 25, 2013

Starting with HIV Dating and Personals

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Starting with HIV Dating and Personals

There are fewer things in this world that are harder to pick yourself up from testing positive for HIV. The fact is that individuals have more hope for a life of regularity than ever before. With constant medical achievements being made in the field of HIV research, and with the ability to find individuals that share the same life experiences means that we have more positive events to look forward to on the horizon.  As we strive to make a better life for ourselves, the need to find friends and relationships arise yet the feeling of having to explain your situation affects us in many different ways. Fortunately there is a website that is dedicated to providing a meeting ground for individuals that share the same commonalities as you do. This makes for a great way to get to know individuals that have gone through the same trials and tribulations as you have, thus knowing what and how life has thrown them difficulties in the past. HIV dating and personals at HIVandSingle.com is set to offer individuals a means of communication therefore helping them to recognize others and to help them find support and possibly even a relationship with another.

Looking through the personals will help you to find individuals in and around your current location as well as all over the world. Meet and connect with thousands of individuals that can help share experiences as well as possibly some romance. With the online dating scene becoming so popular amongst everyone has lead to more and more individuals finding their way onto HIVandSingle.com. As we look at the different advantages of this dating site we see that there are more and better features then most regular dating sites. Not only can you register for free but there is a huge amount of different things that you can do in order to search out that special someone. From the ability to instant message someone to see who has viewed your profile, there are tons of different features that make this the not only the best site for HIV dating but the options are better than any other dating website as well. From social networking to live video chats, you have every popular means of online communications at your fingertips. With so much thought put into making HIVandSingle.com a vast website with the goal of getting individuals that are compatible with one another together in order to enrich both their lives is the driving force behind why the website is becoming so popular and why the people behind the website have a passion for what they do. So if you would like to learn more about HIV dating and personals at HIVandSingle.com then simply click on the link provided in this article to be transferred to where you can start right now on meeting that special someone.